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Welcome to Sides are the Best Part! So we all know that on Thanksgiving, the sides are better than the turkey (you know I'm right). This podcast sets out to explore the various side projects and hustles that college students have done that does not relate to their major! Hopefully we can inspire you to start a passion project of your own!

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Episode 10 - Remedy (Music)

Friday May 15, 2020

Friday May 15, 2020

For the final episode, we are with Remedy (@remedyrmd), a musical duo comprised of Seyi Olujide aka Lil Seyi (@whoisseyi), and John Dimelu aka Joniboi (@joniboirmd). We talk about their musical history, both as solo artists and as a duo, as well as how to overcome mental blocks about your project, and how having a passion project in college fulfills you! Also, if you are the first to reach the end, make sure to reach out to @sidesbestpart ;)

Monday May 11, 2020

This episode, also our first Zoom episode, we talk with a truly seasoned dancer, Pamela (@_pam.ella_)! She goes into her dance history, and what made her start dancing seriously! We cover topics like when to overlook other's expectations for you, and the impact of culture on your college career! Check out her Instagram page and her YouTube channel (PamElla)!

Sunday May 03, 2020

Our next guest is Dami (@dxmi.lola)! We talk about her passion for dance, and how she has been working on her solo dance career to keep going with dance even after she graduates. Other topics we discuss cover what it looks like to keep learning more about your passion, and how to be resilient in the face of difficulty!

Tuesday Apr 28, 2020

Our next episode is with Carli! She's involved in the Maryland Shakespeare players, and has directed shows! She also has an oatmeal instagram account: @whatever_floats_your_oats . We talk about doing passion projects continually through college, and the importance of having a community supporting you!

Sunday Apr 19, 2020

This episode, we are joined by Amira Walton (@arimagrace), who has a passion for mental health, and we talk about her journey in starting and running a Youtube channel, as well as how she got into hair and makeup! We cover topics such as having to rediscover your passion when life gets in the way, and how your major and career can tie into your project!

Saturday Apr 11, 2020

This episode, we are joined by Paul Servary, a member of the Terrapin Record Label who is learning how to play guitar and bass, and also composes music within the club as a part of the Songwriting Team! We cover topics like the importance of having a mentor to learn from and how passion projects can help relieve stress!

Saturday Mar 28, 2020

On this episode, we are joined by Nadia (@nadia.nk_danseur), who is passionate about dance and her hair braiding business, Blessed Braids (@blessedbraids_)! We cover handling multiple projects, growing with new trends, and rethinking the meaning of hurdles!

Sunday Mar 15, 2020

In this episode, we talk with Nanatte (@nvnxttee) about her journey to being crowned Ms. ASA (African Student Association)! We cover topics like the how to continue pushing forward while facing opposition, the importance of community service, and the experience of running in a pageant! 

Saturday Mar 07, 2020

This episode, we sit down with Katelyn Kelly (@moralsupport247), a fellow Hohum student, and talk about her growth with crocheting. We cover using passion projects as downtime, and the importance of being paid for your art. Check out her creations on her IG and the official Sides are the Best Part IG, @sidesbestpart!

Tuesday Mar 03, 2020

The first episode! Our first guest is David Crosby (@summerofdavid), a sophomore finance major, who runs a Youtube channel (JustGetIt) and invests! We talk about the experience of moving from a community college to a state school, how to motivate yourself to start a project, and how a passion project can actually help you with your major!

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